libh2o -- a lightweight library for the properties of water & steam
:Author: Michał Górny
:Copyright: 2-clause BSD license
:Issue tracker:


libh2o is a lightweight (and supposedly fast) library for obtaining
water & steam properties. It provides a simple implementation of all
equations provided in IAPWS_ releases (IF97 and supplementary releases).

The library was intended to be fast, small and portable. Thus, it
doesn't depend on any additional libraries except the standard C
library, and doesn't use anything but straight functions specified
in IF97. Thus, it has all its limitations and accuracies.

.. _IAPWS:

API documentation

The API is shortly described in the installed header files.

The suggested API for library use is the one specified in ``h2o/h2o.h``.
Other header files are intended for low-level use and provide direct
access to the implemented equations and helper functions.

For linking to the library, the *libh2o* pkg-config package should be

A simple use example::

	#include <stdio.h> /* for printf() */

	#include <h2o/h2o.h>

	int main()
		h2o_t water;

		water = h2o_new_pT(10, 773.15); /* [MPa, K] */

		if (!h2o_is_valid(water))
			fprintf(stderr, "Invalid parameters.\n");
			return 1;

		printf("h = %f\n", h2o_get_h(water));

		return 0;

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