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Add configure check for libmirage, cleanup output a little.

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 	conf_check check-assuan NO_ASSUAN 'assuan'
+if ! pkg-config --exists libmirage; then
+	echo "Your pkg-config is unable to find libmirage." >&2
+	echo >&2
+	echo "To be able to build mirage2iso, you need to have both pkg-config" >&2
+	echo "and libmirage with development headers installed." >&2
+	exit 1
+	echo 'libmirage found.'
 # Both can fail
 ASSUAN_LIBS="$(libassuan-config --libs 2>/dev/null)"
 ASSUAN_LIBS="${ASSUAN_LIBS:--lassuan}" # fallback
+echo >&2
+echo ">> calling 'make configure' to perform additional tests" >&2
 make ${MAKEFLAGS:-${MAKEOPTS}} -f ${MAKEIN} -k \
+echo "<< 'make configure' done" >&2
+echo >&2
 if [ ! -f check-assuan ]; then
-echo Done.
+echo >&2
+echo Done. >&2
 exit 0
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