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* mirage2iso 0.1 *


mirage2iso is a simple tool to convert various CD/DVD image formats into
.iso images through use of libmirage (same one as used by cdemu).


This version of mirage2iso was made against libmirage-1.1.1; it may
not work well with older versions of the library and certainly won't
compile with 1.2 or newer.

Compatibility with older versions is not planned. Support for newer one
will be added in near future.


Current version of mirage2iso doesn't support multi-track images. If
such image is converted with it, it tries to find first Mode1 track
and convert it.

It doesn't support tracks other than Mode1 either, i.e. it is able
to convert only standard data tracks. It won't work with your PSX games
and other stuff relying on Mode2.

Note also that it hasn't been widely tested and sometimes it may just
don't work like it is supposed to.

* (c) 2009 Michał Górny, released under 3-clause BSD license *