Michał Górny committed dc0f2e1

Let min multilib version directly precede oldest EAPI=5.

This is case e.g. with ffmpeg, where 1.2.6-r1 is multilib, EAPI=4
and all 2* is EAPI=5.

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 		print('*** Minimal EAPI5 version: %s' % min_eapi5)
 		min_multilib = None
 		for e in reversed(m_all):
-			if 'multilib-build' in e.inherits:
+			# skip EAPI=5 ebuilds as well to support multilib directly
+			# preceding first EAPI=5 version
+			if 'multilib-build' in e.inherits or e.eapi == '5':
 				min_multilib = e.version
 				for f in e.use: