NPAPI-SDK_ is a bundle of NPAPI headers by Mozilla. This project aims to sort
out and package that bundle for 'nix systems, providing a clear way to install
those headers and depend on them.

Unlike Mozilla, we are concerned about API compatibility. This is why this
project is never going to change its API *without* bumping version. If
necessary, we add third version component for that reason.

The usual way of building against this NPAPI-SDK is to add the following into

	PKG_CHECK_MODULES([NPAPI], [npapi-sdk])

And into

	foo_la_CPPFLAGS = ... $(NPAPI_CFLAGS)
	foo_la_LIBADD = ... $(NPAPI_LIBS)

While the latter may not be necessary, it is better to include it in case
Mozilla starts to require linking against specific library.

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