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Pygments changelog

Version 0.8
(codename Maikäfer, released May 30, 2007)

- Lexers added:

  * Haskell, thanks to Adam Blinkinsop
  * Redcode, thanks to Adam Blinkinsop
  * D, thanks to Kirk McDonald
  * MuPad, thanks to Christopher Creutzig
  * MiniD, thanks to Jarrett Billingsley
  * Vim Script, by Tim Hatch

- The HTML formatter now has a second line-numbers mode in which it will
  just integrate the numbers in the same ``<pre>`` tag as the code.

- The `CSharpLexer` now is Unicode-aware, which means that it has an
  option that can be set so that it correctly lexes Unicode identifiers
  allowed by the C# specs.

- Added a `RaiseOnErrorTokenFilter` that raises an exception when the
  lexer generates an error token, and a `VisibleWhitespaceFilter` that
  converts whitespace (spaces, tabs, newlines) into visible characters.

- Fixed the `do_insertions()` helper function to yield correct indices.

- The ReST lexer now automatically highlights source code blocks in
  ".. sourcecode:: language" and ".. code:: language" directive blocks.

- Improved the default style (thanks to Tiberius Teng). The old default
  is still available as the "emacs" style (which was an alias before).

- The `get_style_defs` method of HTML formatters now uses the `cssclass`
  option as the default selector if it was given.

- Improved the ReST and Bash lexers a bit.

- Fixed a few bugs in the Makefile and Bash lexers, thanks to Tim Hatch.

- Fixed a bug in the command line code that disallowed ``-O`` options
  when using the ``-S`` option.

- Fixed a bug in the `RawTokenFormatter`.

Version 0.7.1
(released Feb 15, 2007)

- Fixed little highlighting bugs in the Python, Java, Scheme and Apache
  Config lexers.

- Updated the included manpage.

- Included a built version of the documentation in the source tarball.

Version 0.7
(codename Faschingskrapfn, released Feb 14, 2007)

- Added a MoinMoin parser that uses Pygments. With it, you get Pygments
  highlighting in Moin Wiki pages.

- Changed the exception raised if no suitable lexer, formatter etc. is
  found in one of the `get_*_by_*` functions to a custom exception,
  `pygments.util.ClassNotFound`. It is, however, a subclass of `ValueError`
  in order to retain backwards compatibility.

- Added a `-H` command line option which can be used to get the docstring
  of a lexer, formatter or filter.

- Made the handling of lexers and formatters more consistent. The aliases
  and filename patterns of formatters are now attributes on them. 

- Added an OCaml lexer, thanks to Adam Blinkinsop.

- Made the HTML formatter more flexible, and easily subclassable in order
  to make it easy to implement custom wrappers, e.g. alternate line
  number markup. See the documentation.

- Added an `outencoding` option to all formatters, making it possible
  to override the `encoding` (which is used by lexers and formatters) when
  using the command line interface. Also, if using the terminal formatter
  and the output file is a terminal and has an encoding attribute, use it
  if no encoding is given.

- Made it possible to just drop style modules into the `styles` subpackage
  of the Pygments installation.

- Added a "state" keyword argument to the `using` helper.

- Added a `commandprefix` option to the `LatexFormatter` which allows to
  control how the command names are constructed.

- Added quite a few new lexers, thanks to Tim Hatch:

  * Java Server Pages
  * Windows batch files
  * Trac Wiki markup
  * Python tracebacks
  * ReStructuredText
  * Dylan
  * and the Befunge esoteric programming language (yay!)

- Added Mako lexers by Ben Bangert.

- Added "fruity" style, another dark background originally vim-based theme.

- Added sources.list lexer by Dennis Kaarsemaker.

- Added token stream filters, and a pygmentize option to use them.

- Changed behavior of `in` Operator for tokens. 

- Added mimetypes for all lexers.

- Fixed some problems lexing Python strings.

- Fixed tickets: #167, #178, #179, #180, #185, #201.

Version 0.6
(codename Zimtstern, released Dec 20, 2006)

- Added option for the HTML formatter to write the CSS to an external file
  in "full document" mode.

- Added RTF formatter.

- Added Bash and Apache configuration lexers (thanks to Tim Hatch).

- Improved guessing methods for various lexers.

- Added `@media` support to CSS lexer (thanks to Tim Hatch).

- Added a Groff lexer (thanks to Tim Hatch).

- License change to BSD.

- Added lexers for the Myghty template language.

- Added a Scheme lexer (thanks to Marek Kubica).

- Added some functions to iterate over existing lexers, formatters
  and lexers.

- The HtmlFormatter's `get_style_defs()` can now take a list as an
  argument to generate CSS with multiple prefixes.

- Support for guessing input encoding added.

- Encoding support added: all processing is now done with Unicode
  strings, input and output are converted from and optionally to
  byte strings (see the ``encoding`` option of lexers and formatters).

- Some improvements in the C(++) lexers handling comments and line

Version 0.5.1
(released Oct 30, 2006)

- Fixed traceback in ``pygmentize -L`` (thanks to Piotr Ozarowski).

Version 0.5
(codename PyKleur, released Oct 30, 2006)

- Initial public release.