Michał Górny committed 3cdac2d

Obtain EPYTHON from the Python interpreter if possible.

All new Python ebuilds install epython module for that reason. Fallback
to sys.executable.

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 from __future__ import with_statement
 import os.path, sys
-# XXX: avoid sys.executable if possible
-epython = os.path.basename(sys.executable)
-self = sys.argv[0] + '-' + epython
+	from epython import EPYTHON
+except ImportError:
+	EPYTHON = os.path.basename(sys.executable)
+self = sys.argv[0] + '-' + EPYTHON
 __file__ = self
 sys.argv[0] = self
 		data =
 except IOError:
 	sys.stderr.write('This Python implementation (%s) is not supported by the script.\n'
-			% epython)
+			% EPYTHON)
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