Michał Górny committed 4c11221

Tests: check whether eselect is respected.

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 LOG_COMPILER = sh $(srcdir)/tests/ "$(PYTHON_IMPLS)"
-TESTS = tests/epython-test
+TESTS = tests/epython-test tests/eselect-test


-# Test whether EPYTHON is respected.
 echo "${TEST_NAME} -- test whether EPYTHON is respected"


+echo "${TEST_NAME} -- test whether eselect-python is respected"
+# Usually, the newest version of Python is eselected. For that reason,
+# this test makes sense only if Python 3 is the main Python interpreter
+# (and thus a 'better' implementation could be selected).
+set -- ${PYTHON_IMPLS}
+while true; do
+	if [ ${#} -lt 2 ]; then
+		# we can't test a preference without at least two impls ;)
+		echo 'Best Python eselected, unable to perform test.' >&2
+		do_exit 77
+	fi
+	# Repeat until we find the eselected python.
+	if [ "${1}" = "${SEL_PY}" ]; then
+		break
+	else
+		shift
+	fi
+echo "other impl: ${BETTER}" >&2
+unset EPYTHON
+write_impl "${ESELECT}" "#!/usr/bin/env true"
+write_impl "${BETTER}"  "#!/usr/bin/env false"
+do_test "${TEST_TMP}"
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