Michał Górny committed 028317b

Make .startupdate() and .endupdate() private.

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File smartliverebuild/vcs/

 	def __call__(self, blocking = False):
 		""" Perform a single main loop iteration. """
 		if not self._running:
-			self.startupdate()
+			self._startupdate()
 			self._running = True
 			if blocking:
-				return self.endupdate(True)
+				return self._endupdate(True)
 			return None
-			return self.endupdate()
+			return self._endupdate()
-	def startupdate(self, popenargs = {}):
+	def _startupdate(self, popenargs = {}):
 		""" Start the update process. Grabs the current revision
 			via .savedrev, grabs the update command (.updatecmd)
 			and executes it in the background using subprocess.Popen().
 		return self.subprocess
-	def endupdate(self, blocking = False):
+	def _endupdate(self, blocking = False):
 		""" Depending on whether `blocking' is True, either wait
 			for update process termination or check whether it is done.
 			In the latter case, return None if the process is still
 			By default, simply passes the output on. """
 		return out
-	def startupdate(self):
-		BaseVCSSupport.startupdate(self, \
+	def _startupdate(self):
+		BaseVCSSupport._startupdate(self, \
 				popenargs = {'stdout': subprocess.PIPE})
 class CheckoutVCSSupport(BaseVCSSupport):
 		""" The current revision work tree revision. """
-	def startupdate(self):
+	def _startupdate(self):
 		""" Start the update command in the checkout directory. """
-		BaseVCSSupport.startupdate(self)
+		BaseVCSSupport._startupdate(self)
 	def parseoutput(self, output):
 		""" Fake parsing the output by grabbing revision from the work