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Support passing an alternative dbapi & settings instances.

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 from SmartLiveRebuild.vcs import NonLiveEbuild
 class Config(ConfigParser):
-	def __init__(self):
+	def __init__(self, settings = None):
+		if settings is None:
+			settings = portage.settings
 		self._real_defaults = {
 			'color': 'True',
 			'config_file': '/etc/portage/smart-live-rebuild.conf',
 			'pretend': 'False',
 			'profile': 'smart-live-rebuild',
 			'quickpkg': 'False',
-			'setuid': str('userpriv' in portage.settings.features),
+			'setuid': str('userpriv' in settings.features),
 			'type': '',
 			'unprivileged_user': 'False'
 class SLRFailure(Exception):
-def SmartLiveRebuild(opts):
+def SmartLiveRebuild(opts, db = None):
 	if not opts.color:
 			vcses = {}
 			envtmpf = tempfile.NamedTemporaryFile('w+b')
-				db = portage.db[portage.settings['ROOT']]['vartree'].dbapi
+				if db is None:
+					db = portage.db[portage.settings['ROOT']]['vartree'].dbapi
 				for cpv in db.cpv_all():
 						inherits = db.aux_get(cpv, ['INHERITED'])[0].split()
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