Michał Górny avatar Michał Górny committed 3afbcda

Update to use .slotted_atom from gentoopm API.

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 						for vcs in pkg.inherits:
 							vcscl = getvcs(vcs, allowed, remote_only = opts.remote_only)
 							if vcscl is not None:
-								vcs = vcscl(str(pkg.atom.slotted), pkg.environ, opts)
+								vcs = vcscl(str(pkg.slotted_atom), pkg.environ, opts)
 								uri = str(vcs)
 								if uri not in rebuilds:
 						if opts.debug:
 						out.err('Error enumerating %s: [%s] %s' % (pkg.id, e.__class__.__name__, e))
-						erraneous.append(str(pkg.atom.slotted))
+						erraneous.append(str(pkg.slotted_atom))
 				while processes:
 					if loop_iter((opts.jobs == 1)):
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