Michał Górny avatar Michał Górny committed 737bdb6

Drop saveuid as it is always enabled now.

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 				out.err("Running as the portage user, --quickpkg probably won't work")
-		packages = SmartLiveRebuild(opts, saveuid = not opts.pretend)
+		packages = SmartLiveRebuild(opts)
 	except SLRFailure:
 		return 1


-def SmartLiveRebuild(opts, db = None, portdb = None, saveuid = False, settings = None):
+def SmartLiveRebuild(opts, db = None, portdb = None, settings = None):
 	if db is None or portdb is None or settings is None:
 		trees = create_trees(
 				config_root = os.environ.get('PORTAGE_CONFIGROOT'),
 			portdb = tree['porttree'].dbapi
 		if settings is None:
 			settings = db.settings
-		saveuid = True
 	if not opts.color:
 			if not userok:
 				if os.getuid() == portage_uid:
 					userok = True
-			elif not saveuid and not opts.quickpkg:
-				out.s1('Dropping superuser privileges ...')
-				os.setuid(portage_uid)
 				out.s1('Forking to drop superuser privileges ...')
 				commpipe = os.pipe()


 			if packages is None:
 				packages = SmartLiveRebuild(self._options,
 						db = self._dbapi, portdb = self._portdb,
-						saveuid = True, settings = self._settings)
+						settings = self._settings)
 		except SLRFailure:
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