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Michał Górny  committed 840c9dc

Check for EGIT_COMMIT.

EGIT_COMMIT is GIT equivalent of ESVN_REVISION and similar. We should
check for it to make sure the package is really a live one.

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 		VCSSupport.__init__(self, cpv, env)
 		if self.env['EGIT_HAS_SUBMODULES'] == 'true':
 			raise NotImplementedError('Submodules are not supported')
+		elif self.env['EGIT_COMMIT']:
+			raise Exception('EGIT_COMMIT set, package is not really live one')
 	def getpath(self):
 		return '%s/%s' % (self.env['EGIT_STORE_DIR'], self.env['EGIT_PROJECT'])