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Michał Górny  committed 8c25993

Make *VCSSupport.__str__() an abstractmethod.

It will be used as a key, and every VCS replaces it anyway.

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File smartliverebuild/vcs/__init__.py

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 import locale, os, subprocess
 from gentoopm.util import ABCObject
-from abc import abstractproperty
+from abc import abstractmethod, abstractproperty
 from ..output import out
 		if len(missingvars) > 0:
 			raise KeyError('Environment does not declare: %s' % missingvars)
+	@abstractmethod
 	def __str__(self):
-		""" Return the string used to identify the update process within
-			the program output.
-		"""
-		return self.cpv
+		pass
 	def updatecmd(self):