Michał Górny committed a68fb23

[mercurial] Always pass revision to 'hg identify'.

If the hg-src clone does contain only '.hg' directory, mercurial reports
no revision with simple 'hg identify'. Passing '--rev' seems to fix it.
This should fix bug #358977.

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 		return self.env['HG_REV_ID']
 	def getrev(self):
-		return['hg', 'identify', '--id'] + self.trustopt)
+		return['hg', 'identify', '--id', '--rev', self.env['EHG_REVISION']]
+				+ self.trustopt)
 	def getremoterev(self):
 		return['hg', 'identify', '--id', '--rev', self.env['EHG_REVISION'],
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