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Support passing options to the set.

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 				self.set(self._current_section, k, str(v))
+	def apply_dict(self, values):
+		for k, v in values.items():
+			self.set(self._current_section, k, str(v))
 	def parse_configfiles(self):
 		cfl = [self.get(self._current_section, 'config_file')]
 		sect = self.get(self._current_section, 'profile')


 	def singleBuilder(cls, options, settings, trees):
+		# Clasically, apply twice. First time to get configfile path
+		# and profile; second time to override them.
 		c = Config(settings)
+		c.apply_dict(options)
+		c.apply_dict(options)
 		db = trees['vartree'].dbapi
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