Michał Górny avatar Michał Górny committed bed722c

Add more colors to make output more readable.

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 	lime = '\033[1;32m'
 	brown = '\033[33m'
 	yellow = '\033[1;33m'
+	violet = '\033[35m'
 	cyan = '\033[36m'
 	turq = '\033[1;36m'
 	white = '\033[1;37m'


 		cmd = self.updatecmd
 		if self._opts.jobs > 1:
-			out.pkgs(str(self), cmd)
+			out.pkgs(str(self), '%s%s%s' % (out.violet, cmd, out.reset))
-			out.pkgs(self._header, cmd)
+			out.pkgs(self._header, '%s%s%s' % (out.violet, cmd, out.reset))
 		popenargs['env'] = self.callenv
 		popenargs['shell'] = True
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