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mercurial -> RemoteVCSSupport.

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 # (c) 2011 Michał Górny <mgorny@gentoo.org>
 # Released under the terms of the 3-clause BSD license or the GPL-2 license.
-from smartliverebuild.vcs import VCSSupport
+from smartliverebuild.vcs import RemoteVCSSupport
-class MercurialSupport(VCSSupport):
+class MercurialSupport(RemoteVCSSupport):
 	reqenv = ['EHG_REPO_URI', 'EHG_REVISION', 'HG_REV_ID']
 	trustopt = ['--config', 'trusted.users=portage']
 	def __str__(self):
 		return self.env['EHG_REPO_URI']
-	def getsavedrev(self):
+	@property
+	def savedrev(self):
 		return self.env['HG_REV_ID']
 	def revcmp(oldrev, newrev):
 		return newrev.startswith(oldrev)
-	def getupdatecmd(self):
+	@property
+	def updatecmd(self):
 		return 'hg identify --id --rev %s %s %s' % (
 				self.env['EHG_REVISION'], self.env['EHG_REPO_URI'],
 				' '.join(self.trustopt))
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