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 system, update them and merge the updated ones.
 What's the point in creating such tool when portage-2.2 comes with builtin
 @live-rebuild support?
 indeed have changed and need to be rebuilt.
 1) parallel updates support
 As you might have already noticed, fetching from remote repositories suffers
 whenever you abort the merge or update process.
 In most cases, s-l-r needs to be run as root. This has serious security impli-
 cations, which the scripts tries to overcome dropping the privileges whenever
 Moreover, in the latter case s-l-r can be run directly by the 'portage' user.
+Portage set support
 Apart from being called directly, smart-live-rebuild provides a package set
 for portage-2.2, called SmartLiveRebuild.sets.SmartLiveRebuildSet. Please take
 a look at 'sets.conf.example' file for a use example.
+Configuration file
 Various options to smart-live-rebuild may be set in a configuration file too.
 The path to that file can be specified as '--config-file' (or '-c'), and
 the default one is '/etc/portage/smart-live-rebuild.conf'.
 ConfigParser python class (i.e. true/false/yes/no/on/off). The 'type' list
 has to be comma-separated.
-Example config file may look like:
+An example config file may look like:
+	[smart-live-rebuild]
+	jobs=3
+	erraneous_merge=no
+	type=git,subversion
 Additionally, configuration files can be chained. To do so, just specify path
 to the next configuration file as 'config_file'. Please notice though that
 replace values set by yours.
+Contact / bug reporting
+<!-- vim:se syn=markdown : -->