Michał Górny committed cdb3a02

Don't join packages sharing the same repo.

This is a temporary solution. In the future, a better joining method
will be implemented.


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 			packages = []
 			erraneous = []
-			rebuilds = {}
 			def loop_iter(blocking = False):
 				needsleep = True
 							vcscl = getvcs(vcs, allowed)
 							if vcscl is not None:
 								vcs = vcscl(str(pkg.slotted_atom), pkg.environ, opts)
-								uri = str(vcs)
-								if uri not in rebuilds:
-									rebuilds[uri] = vcs
-									processes.append(vcs)
-									loop_iter()
-								elif rebuilds[uri] in processes:
-									rebuilds[uri] += vcs
-								elif rebuilds[uri].cpv[0] in packages:
-									packages.extend(vcs.cpv)
-								elif rebuilds[uri].cpv[0] in erraneous:
-									erraneous.extend(vcs.cpv)
+								processes.append(vcs)
+								loop_iter()
 					except KeyboardInterrupt:
 					except NonLiveEbuild as e:


 		if len(missingvars) > 0:
 			raise KeyError('Environment does not declare: %s' % missingvars)
-	def __iadd__(self, vcs):
-		""" Append the additional packages from another VCS class
-			instance `vcs'. This will be done whenever two packages
-			share the same checkout directory (as returned by getpath()).
-		"""
-		if not isinstance(vcs, self.__class__):
-			raise ValueError('Unable to append %s to %s' % (vcs.__class__, self.__class__))
-		self.cpv.append(vcs.cpv[0])
-		return self
 	def __str__(self):
 		""" Return the string used to identify the update process within
 			the program output.
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