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Issue #5 resolved

Pass SSH_AUTH_SOCK if set to the VCS command used for checking for updates

Doug Freed
created an issue

Currently, smart-live-rebuild completely empties the environment when calling the necessary VCS command to check for updates. This makes it impossible to check for updates for repositories that must be accessed via SSH using password protected keys, without having to manually type in the key's password each time. smart-live-rebuild should preserve SSH_AUTH_SOCK from the environment where possible when calling the VCS command, to make this type of updating much easier.

Comments (4)

  1. Michał Górny repo owner

    Well, considering the raising number of to-be-preserved variables, it may be actually a better idea to strip or re-set known-bad variables rather than stripping all of them. Well, stripping ${HOME} may even give worse results, for example.

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