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#	vim:fileencoding=utf-8
# (c) 2011 Michał Górny <>
# Released under the terms of the 2-clause BSD license.

import itertools, os
from copy import copy
from optparse import OptionParser, Option, OptionValueError

from gentoopm import get_package_manager

from . import PV
from .config import Config, conf_getvcs
from .core import SmartLiveRebuild, SLRFailure
from .output import out

def check_vcslist(opt, optstr, val):
	val = val.split(',')
	for vcs in val:
		if conf_getvcs(vcs) is None:
			raise OptionValueError("option %s: VCS eclass '%s' is not supported." % (optstr, vcs))
	return val

def check_cslist(opt, optstr, val):
	val = val.split(',')
	return val

class SLROption(Option):
	TYPES = Option.TYPES + ('vcslist', 'cslist')
	TYPE_CHECKER['vcslist'] = check_vcslist
	TYPE_CHECKER['cslist'] = check_cslist

class CLIConfig(Config):
	def apply_optparse(self, values):
		for k in self.defaults():
				v = getattr(values, k)
				if v is None:
					raise ValueError
			except (AttributeError, ValueError):
				if isinstance(v, list):
					v = ','.join(itertools.chain(*v))
				self.set(self._current_section, k, str(v))

def parse_options(argv):
	opt = OptionParser(
			usage='%prog [options] -- [emerge options]',
			version='%%prog %s' % PV,
			description='Enumerate all live packages in system, check their repositories for updates and remerge the updated ones.',
	opt.add_option('-c', '--config-file', action='store', dest='config_file',
		help='Configuration file (default: /etc/portage/smart-live-rebuild.conf)')
	opt.add_option('-C', '--no-color', action='store_false', dest='color',
		help='Disable colorful output.')
	opt.add_option('-d', '--debug', action='store_true', dest='debug',
		help='Die on first failure (useful to debug VCS errors, otherwise missed).')
	opt.add_option('-E', '--no-erraneous-merge', action='store_false', dest='erraneous_merge',
		help='Disable emerging packages for which the update has failed.')
	opt.add_option('-f', '--filter-packages', action='append', type='cslist', dest='filter_packages',
		help='Update only named packages (wildcard on package name or cat/pn, prefix with ! for exclusive, can be used multiple times).')
	opt.add_option('-j', '--jobs', action='store', type='int', dest='jobs',
		help='Spawn JOBS parallel processes to perform repository updates.')
	opt.add_option('-p', '--pretend', action='store_true', dest='pretend',
		help='Only print a list of the packages which were updated; do not call emerge to rebuild them.')
	opt.add_option('-P', '--profile', action='store', dest='profile',
		help='Configuration profile (config file section) to use (default: smart-live-rebuild)')
	opt.add_option('-q', '--quiet', action='store_true', dest='quiet',
		help='Do not output progress messages, just errors.')
	opt.add_option('-Q', '--quickpkg', action='store_true', dest='quickpkg',
		help='Call quickpkg to create binary backups of packages which are going to be updated.')
	opt.add_option('-r', '--remote-only', action='store_true', dest='remote_only',
		help='Update remote-capable VCSes only (useful with --unprivileged-user).')
	opt.add_option('-S', '--no-setuid', action='store_false', dest='setuid',
		help='Do not switch UID to portage when FEATURES=userpriv is set.')
	opt.add_option('-t', '--type', action='append', type='vcslist', dest='type',
		help='Limit rebuild to packages using specific VCS (eclass name). If used multiple times, all specified VCS-es will be used.')
	opt.add_option('-T', '--timeout', type='int', dest='timeout',
		help='Update timeout (0 to disable)')
	opt.add_option('-U', '--unprivileged-user', action='store_true', dest='unprivileged_user',
		help='Allow running as an unprivileged user.')

	return opt.parse_args(argv[1:])

def main(argv):
	pm = get_package_manager()
	pm_conf = pm.config

	# initialize config with defaults
	c = CLIConfig(pm_conf)

	# parse opts to get the config file
	(opts, args) = parse_options(argv)

	# do the config file parsing

	# and now reapply the options to override config file defaults
	opts = c.get_options()

	if not opts.pretend:
			import psutil

			def getproc(pid):
				for ps in psutil.get_process_list():
					if pid ==
						return ps
				raise Exception()

			def getscriptname(ps):
				if os.path.basename(ps.cmdline[0]) !=
					return ps.cmdline[0]
				cmdline = ps.cmdline[1:]
				while cmdline[0].startswith('-'): # omit options
				return os.path.basename(cmdline[0])

			ps = getproc(os.getppid())
			# traverse upstream to find the emerge process
			while > 1:
				if getscriptname(ps) == 'emerge':
					out.s1('Running under the emerge process, assuming --pretend.')
					opts.pretend = True
				ps = ps.parent
		except Exception:

	if os.geteuid() != 0 and opts.unprivileged_user:
		if not opts.pretend:
			out.s1('Running as an unprivileged user, assuming --pretend.')
			opts.pretend = True
		if opts.quickpkg:
			out.err("Running as an unprivileged user, --quickpkg probably won't work")

		packages = SmartLiveRebuild(opts, pm, cliargs = args)
	except SLRFailure:
		return 1

	if not packages and not any(filter(lambda a: not a.startswith('-'), args)):
		return 0

	if opts.pretend:
		for p in packages:
		return 0
		cmd = ['emerge', '--oneshot']
		out.s2(' '.join(cmd))
		os.execv('/usr/bin/emerge', cmd)
		return 126