A MATLAB implementation of Learned State Filters.

What is it?

This package is a MATLAB implementation of Learned State Filters for fast discrete pairwise energy minimization as presented in the following paper:

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Please cite this work if you use this package for publication.

For convenient comparison to other energy minimization work, we have also included code for TRW-S, alpha-expansion, alpha-expand beta-shrink and loopy belief propagation.

How to install?

  1. First, download and install Matlabtools: bitbucket:matlabtools.

  2. To activate it in Matlab, run:

  3. Optionally, download pre-computed data and models from here.

How to use?

After you have followed the installation and configuration steps above, you simply need to run setup.m in MATLAB:


Then you can run the simple demo code:


The main entry point for this toolbox is the gm_solve function. Usage of this function is described in its help section and demo.m is an example use of TRW-S and state filters on pre-computed data and models.