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Symlink: refs #6. Minor fixes + documentation.

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 import os
-import os.path
 from django.conf import settings
 from django.core.files.storage import FileSystemStorage
+__doc__ = """
+I needed to efficiently create a mirror of a directory tree (so that 
+"origin pull" CDNs can automatically pull files). The trick was that 
+some files could be modified, and some could be identical to the original. 
+Of course it doesn't make sense to store the exact same data twice on the 
+file system. So I created SymlinkOrCopyStorage.
+SymlinkOrCopyStorage allows you to symlink a file when it's identical to 
+the original file and to copy the file if it's modified.
+Of course, it's impossible to know if a file is modified just by looking 
+at the file, without knowing what the original file was.
+That's what the symlinkWithin parameter is for. It accepts one or more paths 
+(if multiple, they should be concatenated using a colon (:)). 
+Files that will be saved using SymlinkOrCopyStorage are then checked on their 
+location: if they are within one of the symlink_within directories, 
+they will be symlinked, otherwise they will be copied.
+The rationale is that unmodified files will exist in their original location, 
+e.g. /htdocs/example.com/image.jpg and modified files will be stored in 
+a temporary directory, e.g. /tmp/image.jpg.
 class SymlinkOrCopyStorage(FileSystemStorage):
     """Stores symlinks to files instead of actual files whenever possible
-    When a file that's being saved is currently stored in the symlinkWithin
+    When a file that's being saved is currently stored in the symlink_within
     directory, then symlink the file. Otherwise, copy the file.
     def __init__(self, location=settings.MEDIA_ROOT, base_url=settings.MEDIA_URL,