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# LiveStream 0.0.1

A Django project using gevent and long polling to deliver a live stream of 
arbitrary events.  This is only a prototype and has not been battle-tested in 
any way, shape, or form.  I've included two very simple applications (startstop 
and winlosedraw) to demonstrate how to integrate this app with other apps you 
may have.

## Requirements:
* Django (developed on 1.2)
* gevent

## Installation:
* Copy the livestream folder into your Django project and add it to your 
* Run syncdb.  
* Add a livestream folder on one of your template paths in

## Using:
* Register the models you want to be notified of when they are created (check 
  out startstop.models for an example).  
* For each of the models that you registered, create a template with the name 
  "stream_item_<model name here>.html" in the livestream folder(s) that you 
* Create your views.  Use the StreamPoll class for asynchronous calls.
* Execute to start the gevent WSGI server.