kargupy / log.mkd

0.1 [2012-05-05]

  • Initial CLI program

0.2 [2012-05-14]

  • Functional style
  • Program finished
  • Some parts are missing

0.3 [2012-05-16]

  • Working program
  • Few bugs detected

0.4 [2012-05-17]

  • Unified program flow
  • Using new string format

0.5 [2012-05-27]

  • Better formatting

0.6 [2012-06-04]

  • Fixed few flaw operation

0.7 [2012-06-11]

  • Fully working

0.8 [2012-07-05]

  • Changed few design
  • Revamped calculation
  • Streamlined comments
  • "Burden" to "Subscription"
  • Ported to Python 3.x
  • Prepaid and postpaid info
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