Web Teaching Environment README

This README is primarily written for developers wishing to work on the Web Teaching Environment. If you just want to use the Web Teaching Environment, please consult the documentation at

Getting Started

  • Clone the Mercurial repository: hg clone;
  • Create a new Python virtualenv. If you have never used Python virtualenvironments, then read up on them first. For ease of interaction with Python virtualenvs, you can use virtualenvwrapper or virtualenvwrapper-win;
  • Setup the development environment and install the required packages: python develop;
  • Install pycryptopp (``pip install pycryptopp`) or PyCrypto;
  • Install the database adapter for the database you want. The Web Teaching Environment is tested on MySQL (pip install mysql-python) and PostgreSQL (pip install psycopg2);
  • Generate a configuration file: WTE generate-config;
  • Create the database: WTE initialise-database <configuration.ini>;
  • Run the server: pserve --reload <configuration.ini>.


The documentation is provided online.

To generate the documentation:

  • Activate the virtualenv;
  • Install the Sphinx documentation generator: pip install Sphinx;
  • Switch into the doc directory;
  • Build the documentation: make html.