Issue #8 resolved
Kenneth Falck
created an issue

It seems that the version on PyPI (0.5.5) does not work on Mac OS X when you specify the r or p arguments:

>>> import scrypt
>>> scrypt.hash('abc', '123456789012', 2**14, p=1)
Floating point exception: 8

Another example:

>>> scrypt.hash('abc', '123456789012', 2**14, r=8)
scrypt.error: hash parameters are wrong (r*p should be < 2**30, and N should be a power of two > 1)

When using the latest version from Bitbucket, it works fine.

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  1. Magnus Hallin repo owner

    I've noticed the same issue.

    The reason why I've been waiting with a PyPI release is that it is no longer built as a python module, but as a "traditional" shared object and imported by ctypes. But I guess since no issues have been reported on the latest BitBucket version, I could upload it to PyPI by now.

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