'Options' object has no attribute 'module_name'

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Vishal Kumar Mishra created an issue

When I click on a topic (created with Django Admin), it gives following error:

'Options' object has no attribute 'module_name'

I am using Django 1.11

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  1. Vishal Kumar Mishra reporter

    In get_context_object_list_name method of TopicQuestionsMixin doing this fixes the issue.

        def get_context_object_list_name(self, object_list):
            Get the name of the object_list to be used in the context.
            if self.context_object_list_name:
                return self.context_object_list_name
            elif hasattr(object_list, 'model'):
                # Get model_name or lowercase module_name for older versions
                # of Django
                model_name = getattr(
                return '%s_list' % model_name
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