STTR1-Aq is a Mattel/Radofin Aquarius port of the 1972 Star Trek text game STTR1, written by Mike Mayfield for the HP2000C Time-Shared BASIC system and published in Hewlett Packard's Contributed Library. The target platform is an Aquarius home computer with a 16K RAM memory cartridge (20K total) and Microsoft BASIC S2 in ROM.

This project was part of Retrochallenge 2016/01. My Retrochallenge 2016/01 web log begins here.


  • sttr1-aq.bas - Aquarius BASIC listing
  • sttr1-aq.caq - Aquarius BASIC listing saved as a cassette image
  • sttr1-aq.bin - Aquarius BASIC listing LDUMP'ed using BLBasic v2.1.

How to Run

  • To run this game in the MESS emulator, load the file sttr1-aq.bin as a cartridge.

mess aquarius -ramsize 20K -cart sttr1-aq.bin

Note:  I have noticed some odd behaviour when running with the MESS configuration.
  • To run this game in the Virtual Aquarius emulator for Windows (or WINE on Linux or OSX).
    1. In the Virutal Aquarius menubar, select Configure-->Memory and ensure the 16K or 32K option is enabled.
    2. In the Virtual Aquarius menubar, select File --> Play Cassette File..., and select the file sttr1-aq.caq
    3. At the BASIC prompt, type CLOAD 'STTR1' and press RETURN twice.
    4. At the BASIC prompt, type RUN


1. Copy/Paste the contents of `sttr1-aq.bas` into Virtual Aquarius using the menu item `Util`-->`Paste`.
  • To run this game on a real Aquarius, use the Virtual Aquarius tool CAQ2WAV.EXE to convert sttr1-aq.caq to a WAV file. The WAV file can be transferred to a magnetic cassette tape and loaded using the Aquarius Data Recorder.

Original Source Listing

The original HP Time-Shared BASIC listing on which this project was derived can be found at

Modifications from Original

The port attempts to leave as much of the original source code untouched, however because the original program assumed a teletype terminal and the target Aquarius is a CRT television with 40 character-wide display, some changes were necessary.

  • To conserve RAM on the Aquarius, many separate lines of BASIC were condensed to a single line using the ":" command separator.
  • The instructions dialog includes an option to print to the screen or to the Aquarius thermal printer.
  • The instructions were re-arranged to fit on a 40 character CRT display.
  • The short range view prints the Stardate, Current Coordinates, etc above the 8x8 grid instead of beside it.
  • Some messages were either changed from a single line to multiple lines to prevent wrap-around text.
  • Some messages were abbreviated or shortened to prevent wrap-around text or improve readability.
  • The implementation of strings differed so much between the two systems, that the original character strings Q$[72], R$[72], and S$[48] were converted to a one dimensional array of strings Q$(64). Each 64 elements in the array represents one of the locations in the 8x8 Quadrant.