Welcome to Random Ferns Garden 2D

This code trains and tests different classifiers based on random ferns for 2D
classification problems. The classifiers included are: Online Random Ferns
(ORFs) [1], Boosted Random Ferns (BRFs) [2] and Online Boosted Random Ferns
(OBRFs) [3].

The classifiers are tested on several classification scenarios referred as
examples. For further information about these scenarios please refer to:


  • python
  • numpy
  • matplotlib


git clone


Run demo file:


This demo file computes the addressed classifiers and compare them using
diverse evaluation metrics.

For example, the figure for the recall-precision plots is:

Recall-precision plots

Similarly, the figure for the F-score/measures is:

F-score plots

The code also shows the training and test times for these classifiers:

Training/test times

Code example:

To compute and test the Boosted Random Ferns (BRFs) classifier:

python lib/

This code runs the BRFs classfier and provides some classification results. For
example, the classifier confidence -score- over the test samples:

Classification scores

The following figure depicts the classification results over the test samples.
Black samples correspond to wrongly classified samples.

classification results

The classification confidence and uncertainty maps are also provided:

classification map

Uncertainty map


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If you use this code please cite (or above references):

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Michael Villamizar. March, 2017.
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Michael Villamizar
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