IRI Natural Targets Dataset


This dataset contains five image sequences of natural targets in outdoors. In addition, the dataset includes handmade annotations of the different visual targets. If anyone makes use of this dataset to conduct experiments and publish new articles, We kindly encourage to cite the below reference.


Fast Online Learning and Detection of Natural Landmarks for Autonomous Aerial Robots M. Villamizar, A. Sanfeliu and F. Moreno-Noguer International Conference on Robotics and Automation (ICRA), 2014


The Matlab function "prg_show_annotations" opens the dataset images and shows the visual target annotations -bounding box and orientation-.


The dataset has five image sequences acquired in outdoors, and where the visual target is subject to in-plane and out-plane rotations, as well as lighting changes. The image sequences are:

  • bench -> 120 images
  • ground1 -> 150 images
  • ground2 -> 109 images
  • scene1 -> 109 images
  • scene2 -> 123 images


Michael Villamizar

Institut de Robòtica i Informática Industrial CSIC-UPC

Barcelona - Spain