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FS Gamer is a GUI tool (with a CLI mode also) for customizing applications to run in a separate X session. This enables compositors which are stupidly slowing everything down to be happy, and lets you easily switch in or out of fullscreen games which grab too many keystrokes.

Grab the latest stable package from michaelb.org/fsgamer.


To run the fsgamer GUI:


To see what CLI options are available:

bin/fsgamer --help


FSGamer stores normal XDG .desktop files in ~/.config/fsgamer. These files are the same you would use to launch the game in FSGamer. Configuration options are stored as mere CLI arguments in the Exec= field.

When you check the box to show the game in the menu it will copy that .desktop ~/.local/share/applications/, which will make it show up in your menu.


This project is hacked together using Canonical's quickly. So if you want to contribute you might consider using that!

Please note: It is very clumsy and poorly written, I was more concerned with getting it to work than getting it done right. Be warned!

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