Can't add games (Arch Linux)

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michael b
repo owner created an issue

installed python-xlib and openbox and it launches now but i'm not sure what the launchpad integration is but it's not in the arch official repositories. anyway i got it running but i can't seem to add games

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  1. michael b reporter
    • what happens when you click the "add" button? do you get to see anything at all? do you get error messages when you run it from CLI?

    • also what DE / WM are you (primarily) using? I discovered KDE, MATE, and Gnome all do some non-compatible things with their menus.

  2. michael b reporter

    turns out same error as 25: line 89, in game_filter l = map(str.lower, item.getCategories()) TypeError: descriptor 'lower' requires a 'str' object but received a 'unicode'

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