Super simple drop-in node node for Godot Engine games to add simple oscillating animations, either programmatically or in the editor, without the need of creating an entire AnimationPlayer and a new animation.

Useful for canned / drop-in blinking, bouncing, and flickering animations, and the like.


Still a WIP, check out example/ for an example of its usage.

Programmatic usage

Assuming you checked it out to a dir called submodules, this will cause it to "blink" opacity at 1 second intervals.

const OscillatorAnim = preload('res://submodules/godot-oscillators-anim/')

func _ready():
    var my_sprite = get_node('MySprite')
    var anim = OscillatorAnim.instance()
    anim.oscillate_method(my_sprite, 'set_opacity', 0, 1)