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Few bug fixes, and attempted to make explosions more interesting.

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             if self.y <= 0 or self.total_time_alive >= 5:
 #given two colors, let's make interpolate.             
-def WarpColors( c1[], c2[], index, limit):
+def WarpColors( c1, c2, index, limit):
     newcolor = [0,0,0]
     newcolor[0] = (1-index)*c1[0] + index * c2[0]
     newcolor[1] = (1-index)*c1[1] + index * c2[1]
-explosion_images_image = resource.image('explosion.png')
+explosion_images_image = resource.image('explosion2.png')
 explosion_images = pyglet.image.ImageGrid(explosion_images_image, 2, 8)
 explosion_images = explosion_images.get_texture_sequence()
 map(center_anchor, explosion_images)
         # Check if the player was hit 
         if player.hit:
+            glPushMatrix()
+            glColor3i(64,224,208)
                                            player.x, player.y,
                                            player.dx, player.dy, 
+            glPopMatrix()
             player.invincible = True
             player.visible = False
             pyglet.clock.schedule_once(life_lost, LIFE_LOST_DELAY)
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