Licensize is a super simple app that adds a LICENSE file to your current directory.


From PyPi:

pip install licensize


python setup.py install


Just do...


...to license the current directory as GPL 3.0 using your git or mercurial config name in the copyright notice. Or...

licensize -a 'Hacker Corp.' -l mit -n COPYING

...to save the MIT license licensed to 'Hacker Corp.' to a COPYING file in the current directory.

License name list is searched for close matches with a preference on newer more common licenses, so "bsd" will match "BSD 3 Clause", and "bsd2" will match "BSD 2 Clause".


It's a great script to speed up creating a new repo for a little FOSS licensed library or something, like if you want to quickly spin off a rails / Django app, or jQuery plugin, as a properly licensed GPL or MIT licensed FOSS software package. Hopefully will help combat "license laziness" which plagues github/bitbucket presently with so many un-licensed projects.


Fork requests are welcome of course :)