Leebre Sembook Editor

This is the repo for the new Leebre (http://leebre.org/) Sembook Editor, a web-based, "Semantic Book" editor aimed at serious text editing, such as editing large novels.

Currently nothing works here, but soon you will be able to embed it in your own site, download a desktop-version, and more :)

Test running

In your OS or virtualenv: install node, npm, and phantomjs. Something like sudo apt-get install nodejs npm phantomjs for Debian-based distros, or whatever the equivalent is for your OS. Then use make npm_dependencies to install all necessary dependencies using npm.

NOTE: if you are running Ubuntu 12.04, you may get an issue regarding node being too old of a version. In this case you should use nvm to install 0.8.

To run a test server for development, run ./node/testserve.js -v. For fileupload to work you will need to run on port 80 which may require root.

To run the conversion / templating engine separately from the rest of the project (ie, without the HTML GUI), try using ./node/convert.js

Test features

There are a few secret GET parameters to speed up testing:

  • Use ?autoload=lastpaste to automatically "re-paste" in the last thing you pasted upon refresh.

  • Tack on ?autoload=lastpaste&autogoto=publish to paste in the last thing, then switch to Publish mode (even if normally would be disallowed)


Just like anything sufficiently UNIX-y, use make: make all to compile using requirejs and minify both JS and CSS into the dist/ folder. For example calling usage look at the HTML generated by the testserver.

Free software

All code by me (michaelb) in this repository is under the AGPL3.0