CS 450 Repository

CS 450 students will find all labs, handouts, and example source code here.

To clone the repository, use the command:
    git clone

This will create a local git repository for you in 'cs450' under your current
directory and automatically create and check out an initial branch named
'master' based on the upstream repository's master branch (maintained by me).

Because this repository contains submodules, you'll need to make sure those are
fetched, too. The following commands will do this:
    cd cs450
    git submodule update --init

When I push updates to the upstream repository, you can use the command `git
pull` to fetch and merge the changes into your local master branch.

Git has a comprehensive online help system that you can access with the commands
`git help` and `git help SOME_COMMAND`.

Feel free to contact me if you're in my class and you need help setting up
and/or using git.