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Separated unit and functional tests.

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 * Python >= 2.4 (
 * Postgres database (
 * Python module psycopg 1.1 (
+* Cheetah templates (
 Installation process
    some fixed date (probably August 10th like the last time) by "touch -d".
 After this steps Cheesecake service can be enabled again.
+Running tests
+To run set of unit tests execute::
+    $ nosetests -v --with-doctest --doctest-tests --exe -a \!functional
+To run functional tests (which need existing and running "cheesecake_test" database)::
+    $ nosetests -v --exe -a functional


 class TestCaseWithTestDatbase(unittest.TestCase):
     postgres_config = 'dbname=cheesecake_test'
+    functional = True
     def setUp(self):
         store = Store(postgres_config=self.postgres_config)
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