Wagner Bruna avatar Wagner Bruna committed 5a1c865

repomodel, repowidget: do not translate phase names

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         if ctx.rev() is None:
             return ''
-            return _(ctx.phasestr())
+            return ctx.phasestr()
-            return _('draft')
+            return 'draft'
     _columnmap = {
         'Rev':      getrev,


         if hasattr(commands, 'phase'):
             submenu = menu.addMenu(_('Change phase to'))
             for pnum, pname in enumerate(phases.phasenames):
-                entry(submenu, None, isrev, _(pname), None,
+                entry(submenu, None, isrev, pname, None,
                       functools.partial(self.changePhase, pnum))
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