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settings: add "Secret MQ Patches" entry to Commit settings panel

The Commit panel is the one where this settings fits better, although it is not
exactly a perfect match.

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             return True
     return False
+# Detect if hg >= 2.1
+def phasesSupport():
+    import commands
+    return hasattr(commands, 'phase')
 class SettingsCombo(QComboBox):
     def __init__(self, parent=None, **opts):
         QComboBox.__init__(self, parent, toolTip=opts['tooltip'])
          'environment variables are set to a non-English language. '
          'This setting is used by the Merge, Tag and Backout dialogs. '
          'Default: False')),
+    _fi(_('Secret MQ Patches'), 'mq.secret', genBoolRBGroup,
+       _('Make MQ patches secret (instead of draft). '
+         'Default: False'), visible=phasesSupport),
     _fi(_('Monitor working<br>directory changes'),
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