Angel Ezquerra  committed 992f6ea

workbench: change "Go to revision..." shortcut to "Ctrl+/"

The original shortcut was "Ctrl+Shift+G", which on OSX was colliding with the
search backwards shortcut.

"Ctrl+/" has been chosen because it is a common "search" shortcut in many
editors (such as in VI and editors that emulate the VI keyboard shortcuts).

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File tortoisehg/hgqt/

                   enabled='repoopen', menu='view', shortcut='Shift+Ctrl+A',
                   tooltip=_('Load all revisions into graph'))
         newaction(_("&Goto revision..."), self.gotorev,
-                  enabled='repoopen', menu='view', shortcut='Ctrl+Shift+G',
+                  enabled='repoopen', menu='view', shortcut='Ctrl+/',
                   tooltip=_('Go to a specific revision'))
         newaction(_("Web Server..."), self.serve, enabled='repoopen',