SpoCo is a simple, yet effective system for the web-based query of dialect corpora encoded in ELAN that provides users with advanced concordancing functions, as well as the the possibility to edit and correct transcriptions if needed. SpoCo is easy to use and maintain, and can be adapted to different spoken corpora in a straightforward way. Simplic- ity is emphasized to facilitate use by a wide range of users and research groups, including those with limited technical and financial resources, and encourage collaboration and data exchange across such groups. Relying on existing technology and pursuing a modular architecture, SpoCo is de- veloped bottom-up: it was initially devised for a specific dialect project and is being continually adapted for use in other projects in a network of Slavic dialect projects that cooperate in tool development and data sharing. SpoCo thus takes a middle position between systems that are developed for the purposes of a specific dialect corpus, on the one hand, and general-use systems designed for a wide range of data and usage cases, on the other.

See: Ruprecht von Waldenfels, Michał Woźniak (t.a.): SpoCo - a simple and adaptable web interface for dialect corpora. Journal for Language Technology and Computational Linguistics, t.a. 2017 Download

SpoCo is developed by participants in the Spoken-Slavic-Network

It is currently used in the following projects: