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Simple Google Reader access API. The module implements a couple of
feed management functions, making it possible to manage Google Reader
subscriptions (subscribe, unsubscribe, rename, (re)tag feeds) from
Python scripts and programs.


No official documentation was used, I partially reverse-engineered
the API and partially used unofficial descriptions found on the web.
So there are absolutely no guarantees!

Still, I regularly use this module to subscribe, unsubscribe and
rename feeds, especially via greader2org_.

.. _greader2org: http://blog.mekk.waw.pl/archives/31-Editing-Google-Reader-subscriptions-with-a-text-editor.html

Sources, patches, bug reports

Source code is available on `BitBucket`_. The same page can be used
for bug reporting and for patch submission.

.. _BitBucket: http://bitbucket.org/Mekk/mekk.greader