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Make sequential uploads the default option

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     upload_group.add_argument('file', nargs='*', type=argparse.FileType('rb'), help="Name of a file to upload")
     upload_group.add_argument('-t', dest='title', help='Title of the share (defaults to first file name)')
     upload_group.add_argument('-s', dest='share', help='Name or URL of the share to upload to (defaults to a newly created one)')
-    upload_group.add_argument('-S', dest='sequential_upload', action='store_true', help='Force sequential upload of files in order (by default, files are uploaded in parallel although the progress bars are displayed in ascending file size order)')
+    upload_group.add_argument('-P', dest='parallel_upload', action='store_true', help='Uploaded files in parallel rather than sequentially, the progress bars are displayed in ascending file size order')
     other_group = parser.add_argument_group('Other actions')
     other_group.add_argument('--delete', nargs='+', dest='delete', metavar='SHARE_OR_FILE', help='Delete a share or a file (url or path)')
             upload = FileUpload(file, fp)
-            if not args.sequential_upload:
+            if args.parallel_upload:
-        if not args.sequential_upload:
+        if args.parallel_upload:
             uploads.sort(key=lambda item: item.file_size)
         for i, upload in enumerate(uploads):
-            if args.sequential_upload:
+            if not args.parallel_upload:
             while True: