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What is it?

This tool is a basic command-line interface to the ge.tt file sharing website. You can use it to upload files, list and create shares, and also delete those.

One of the advantages of ge.tt over other sharing websites is that you don't need to wait for the uploading process to end to be able to share a file with others. Your file gets a link as soon as it starts uploading, and others will be able to download it while it's uploading.

Every file is part of share, which can contain several of them. Shares can have a title, and are identified by an URL in the form of http://ge.tt/share_name


To use this tool, you need to have Python 3 installed :

  • If you're using Windows you can download it from python.org
    Please make sure to pick Python 3.x and not Python 2.X !

  • For apt-get based Linux distributions (such as Debian or Ubuntu), you can install it with :
    # apt-get install python3

You then need to install gett-cli (this will provide the gett command):

  • on Windows, use this MSI Installer
  • on other systems, download the source tarball and run
    $ python3 setup.py install (you might need to substitute python3 to python if python3 is the default interpreter)

That's it!

Usage examples

Uploading files to a new share:

$ gett hello.jpg image2.png

Uploading files to an existing share:

$ gett -s http://ge.tt/share_name hello.jpg image2.png

Listing your shares:

$ gett --list

Deleting a share:

$ gett --delete http://ge.tt/share_name

Deleting a file:

$ gett --delete http://ge.tt/share_name/v/0

Note that whenever http://ge.tt/<share_name>[/v/<fileid>;] is expected, you can omit the http://ge.tt/ part:

$ gett --delete share_name/v/0

You can see all the available options with:

$ gett --help