Regression parsing microseconds

Issue #9 resolved
Davanum Srinivas (dims)
created an issue


In version 0.14 when we parsed "1997-08-29T06:14:00.000123Z" we would end up with 123 as the microsecond, now with latest we end up with 123000. Here's the patch to the tests to recreate the problem

thanks, dims

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  1. bnemec

    Edit: Never mind, this fixes the leading zeros case, but breaks others. Will keep looking.

    I believe this can be fixed by changing line 170 of to:

    groups["second_fraction"] = int(Decimal("0.%06d" % to_int(groups, "second_fraction", default_to_zero=True)) * Decimal("1000000.0"))

    The %06d prevents it from dropping the leading zeros.

  2. bnemec

    Okay, another attempt:

    groups["second_fraction"] = int(Decimal("0.%s" % (groups["second_fraction"] or 0)) * Decimal("1000000.0"))

    This time actually verified against the full suite of tests (including dims'). :-)

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