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Fix broken parsing of package name from filename

Was mistaking e.g. django-haystack-9.9.tar.gz for a django release as
opposed to a django-haystack release.

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         response.status_code = 400
         return response
     filename = request.files[fileparam].filename
-    package = re.match(r"(?P<package>.*?)-.*?\..*", filename).groupdict()["package"]
+    package = re.match(r"(?P<package>(?:[^-]|-[^0-9])*)-[0-9].*\..*", filename).groupdict()["package"]
     logging.debug("Parsed {!r} out of {!r}".format(package, filename))
     app.config["package_store"].add_file(package, filename, request.files[fileparam].stream)
     return jsonify({"uploaded": "ok"})
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