Segfault with QMLLiveView involving connected signals

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Peter Hansen repo owner created an issue

When trying to test with a KeyboardProxy object, which connects to the bbpy.keyboardChange signal, any time the .qml is reloaded and the signal is emitted, I get a crash with a segfault in the log:

{{{ #!text

Process 19673248 (python3.2) terminated SIGSEGV code=1 fltno=11 ip=7b76ca60(/accounts/1000/shared/misc/blackberry-py/lib/ mapaddr=0036ca60. ref=00000000 }}}

If I never connect the signal (in KeyboardProxy's Component.onCompleted) or if the signal is never emitted (in bbpy.Application.desktopResized()) then the crash does not occur.

I've experimented briefly with an onDestroyed, and trying to manually disconnect() around the time of the engine.clearComponentCache() call in QML LiveView, but so far nothing is working. It may be a bug in Qt, although quite possibly what I'm doing in QML LiveView isn't legit.

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